Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cute Bow Nail Tutorial

 These nails are really easy to do, even if you make a mess (like I did) you can always clean your nails up later so don't worry if you're a nail art beginner!

 I used: Gold nail polish, Black nail polish, a Top Coat or Clear nail polish, and a cocktail stick.

1) Paint your nails Gold or any pale/ shimmer shade of polish.

2) Using the cocktail stick in your Black nail polish, add a small line in the center of your nail for the bow's center knot.

3) Leave a small gap and draw a line that's parallel either side of your center line.

4) Draw diagonal lines from the ends of these two lines to create your bow shape.

5) Fill in the outline of your bow shape with your Black or dark polish.

6) When your bow shape is dry, use the other end of your cocktail stick in the Gold nail polish and add the detail creases in the bow by drawing two short lines originating from the center of the bow.

7) To make your design last longer add a top coat of clear nail polish.

 You can use nail polish remover to tidy up your nails if things get messy or wait for the polish to dry and come off the surrounding skin naturally. You could also try pale coloured bows on a darker polish!

Lauren Loves ♥: Cute bows.


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