Saturday, 29 October 2011

Katy Perry Inspired Halloween Eye Makeup

In case you were looking for a slightly more alternative look for Halloween, this is my Katy Perry E.T video inspired alien look that you can create using whatever makeup you own!

Katy Perry's makeup from her E.T video:

 To create my E.T inspired look I wanted to use blue/ pink/ purple colours, but use the colours you already have, I don't think it matters when you're an alien!
I used: blue eyeliner, black liquid eyeliner, silver glitter liquid eyeliner, white eye shadow, light purple eye shadow, dark purple eye shadow, purple mascara and pink mascara.

1) Get your white eye shadow, cover your eyelid and up to your eyebrows.

2) For the eyebrows, create an outline using your blue eyeliner that is slightly longer horizontally than your natural eyebrows, with an angular arch. Fill in your eyebrows using the blue eyeliner. Add a vertical line at the thickest end of your eyebrows using your black liquid eyeliner to add definition.

3) To decorate your eyebrows draw shapes like circles along the upper outside edge. I used concentric circles and dots in a silver glitter liquid eyeliner and filled in the concentric circles.

4) Using your black liquid eyeliner, line your upper eyelids and curve it at the outside of your eye to point towards the tip of the outside of your eyebrow.

5) Try to create a bigger and more elongated eye shape. Use the silver glitter liquid eyeliner and create an angular tipped outline just under your inner corner and end under the end of the curve you drew on your eyelid using the black liquid eyeliner.

6) Use your black liquid eyeliner to draw the same line again as close as you can to the silver glitter liquid eyeliner line but underneath it.

7) Take your dark purple eye shadow and create an outline just under your eyebrows that mirrors the outer shape of your eyebrows and ends at the tip of the curve you drew on your eyelid using the black liquid eyeliner. Create an rectangle outline at the inner end of this outline and draw this line until you reach the center of your upper eyelid.

8) Fill in this rectangle shape using your light purple eye shadow and continue shading under the dark purple outline but over the crease of your upper eyelid.

9) Curl your eyelashes and coat them in purple mascara. Add pink mascara to the tips and the bottom eyelashes for an extra splash of colour.

 Change any of the colours if you need to, or create a different colour scheme for this eye makeup look like red/gold. If you have more glitter feel free to use it and if you own a crazy lipstick in a colour you'd never usually wear then this is the look you should wear it!
 Add a slick backed pony tail or a wild hair style and any dress that sparkles. If you own deely boppers then add them too and your Halloween alien look is complete.

Lauren Loves : Being a crazy alien just like Katy Perry. In her music video. Obviously.


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