Friday, 7 October 2011

Love Fashion, Literature, History?

 I've just started back at uni for my final year and it's kicked off a new wave of love for literature as i'm studying English Literature. I recently purchased this cool Pride and Prejudice inspired t-shirt from Topshop; apparently by buying it I also helped donate a book to a community in need through Books For Africa. Awesome, no?

 I love Jane Austen, I'm a total sucker for all things old-fashioned and romantic. I also wanted to share with you my new found love for a brand called The Orphan's Arms. Seriously, check them out at or find their brand on ASOS. Here are some of their items I want:

 Also, feel free to buy me this t-shirt... I'll be your best friend...

Lauren Loves ♥: The Orphan's Arms. Books. Owls.


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