Monday, 16 January 2012

Zooey Deschanel inspired nails + makeup


 Zooey Deschanel is a style icon and always a little on the quirky side. I'm enjoying her series New Girl at the moment and unless you've been hiding under a rock I'm sure you will have heard about the Golden Globe Awards. Zooey had the cutest tuxedo design on her nails for the awards:

 I was inspired by the tuxedo nails and the red carpet glamour and had to paint my nails: 

 I thought you might like a Zooey inspired eye make up tutorial too so here it is:

 Step 1: Use a black liquid eye liner to create a rounded eye shape

 Step 2: Soften harsh edges with a black kohl eye liner, cover the lid with a natural eye shadow and add a highlighter to the inner corner of your eye.

 Step 3: Curl your eyelashes and add black mascara.

 Step 4: Zooey's eyes are always quite bold so apply lots of mascara or add false lashes like Zooey!

 If you want to go for the complete Zooey Deschanel look you can curl your hair/ add a pretty bow, and wear blusher with a bright lip in pink or red. Don't forget to use a quirky design on your nails too!

Lauren Loves ♥: The friendship between Zooey and Joseph Gordon-Levitt!


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  1. I saw her nail tweet and I'm def going to try out the design, I love your use of red on the other nails! I love Zooey and I wish she was my best friend, I can see all the fun we would have xxxx