Sunday, 26 February 2012

GlossyBox February 2012 'The Fashion Week Edition'

 It's the Fashion Week Edition and even though I won't be attending any fashion events during this time this box is meant to be useful for busy and stressful times.

 I always enjoy getting makeup in my boxes and GlossyBox included two makeup items in this box:

 The Venom Gloss by DuWop is in the shade Buttercup and while it looks like a nude/ cream shade in the tube it actually looks quite clear once applied. It has a cooling, tingling effect and plumps the lips slightly; I also found that the lip gloss was more moisturizing than a lot of other lip products. 

 BM Beauty's Pure Mineral Eye shadow came in the shade Storm Cloud which is a pretty combination of green and grey. The powder is loose and the colour doesn't have much depth but the shimmer effect could be lovely over another eye shadow.

 The Dr Bronner Magic Liquid Soap has no scent, other than being able to wash my hands with it there isn't any obviously clear instruction on how to use this product so if anybody knows how I can use this then let me know!

 Como Shambhala's Invigorate Body Lotion looked like it was going to be nice but unfortunately it smelt a bit too strong for my liking, I don't think I like anything that smells of Geranium; other scents in the lotion are Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender. I ended up giving this product to my nan so all's well that ends well.

 The fifth product in my box was Paul Mitchell's Round Trip which is for defining curls. As I have long hair naturally on the straight end of the hair type scale and I probably didn't use it to its full effect it didn't make my hair curly in the slightest. However, my mum has naturally curly hair and when she used it her curls were almost like ringlets! I think this product will work best if your hair is already curly so avoid it my fellow straight hair peoples.

 This GlossyBox also included an 'Expect the unexpected' calling card. Intriguing you say? Well, there is a mystery box. GlossyBox have been leaving their Facebook followers letters as clues to the kind of box the March one will be. There have been rumours about a 'design your own' style box which could be interesting but subscribers will receive the mystery box regardless of what it is going to be.

 Let me know what you think the mystery box will contain!

Lauren Loves ♥: DuWop's Venom Gloss



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