Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pastel Passion


Pastels by lauren290591

 I love the pastel trend, it's perfect for spring.

 I wish I could pull pastel shades off but being very pale they always make me look washed out. I like how pastel colours can give outfits a vintage kind of vibe but I always feel awkward wearing dresses in the day time for some reason and I don't think vintage outfits suit me although I do love vintage fashion.

 Even though I'm wary of pastels I think I'll at least be wearing some pastel accessories and makeup when the sun comes out to play! What's your favourite pastel item at the moment?

Lauren Loves ♥: Pretty pastels and vintage glamour.



  1. I'm also loving pastels at the moment! especially my mint cream nail varnish :) xoxo

  2. You shouldn't worry about that! I bet you'd look lovely in vintage outfits - definitely try it some time! I always think of you as someone very vintage-y any ways! :)

  3. I sort of feel the same, pastels look gorgeous on others but I'm really pale so can look a bit funny on me. Also I only ever really wear dresses in the winter with tights and I dunno if these sorts of shades would look funny with opaque tights?
    Anyway your choices are fab, really love the coraly shoes at the bottom.