Monday, 30 April 2012

GlossyBox April 2012 'Natural Beauty' Edition

 Once again it's GlossyBox time and I received another special edition box- this one was about natural beauty. I loved the rustic packaging of this box and I'm sure I'll find something to store in it.

 The first body product in my box is a Sandalwood Body Wash from Ayuuri. The bottle looks really cute and flowery and the scent reminded me of bar of Dove soap, but I still prefer my strawberry scented body products from The Body Shop.

 My second body product is a Thirst-Quenching Serum from Caudalie which aims to moisurise your skin. I usually have dry skin and after using this once it already looks a lot more hydrated! Although this product is expensive I am actually considering buying a full sized version.

 I also received a sample of Kai's Perfume Oil. I liked the little card that came attached to it but I can't stand the little tube it came in, I hate opening perfume samples in these tubes because the perfume goes all over my fingers. The perfume smelt relaxing and natural but it started to give me a headache!

 I also had some beauty products in my box. There was a really pretty, vintage style tin of lip balm in Rambling Rose from Figs & Rouge. It smells a bit like turkish delight and the consistency is a little gloopy but  it does its job and you can never have to many lip balms.

The other beauty product I had is an Eyeliner from Inka Cosmetics in the shade 006 Coco which is as you might have guessed is a chocolate brown colour. The packaging is stylish and the eyeliner is long-lasting so I'm really happy with this and would recommend it.

 Would you be happier if makeup and beauty products in general weren't tested on animals or were 100% organic?

Lauren Loves : Products that have a vintage style.


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