Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tropical Toe Nail Art Tutorial

 In preparation for summer and potential holidays to sunny places I decided to try out some tropical toe nail art. It's easy to do if you're not a pro at nail art like me, here's what you'll need: coral nail polish, pink nail polish, sand coloured nail polish, blue nail polish, glitter nail polish, top coat nail polish, a sponge, and a black nail art pen or black nail polish and a cocktail stick.

1) Add a base coat and then paint your nail in the coral polish.

2) Put a small amount of the pink nail polish on a sponge and dab it across the top of your nail to create the sunset effect.

3) Use your sand coloured nail polish and sweep it across the bottom right corner of your nail.

4) Use your blue nail polish and sweep it across the bottom left corner of your nail.

5) Cover your nail in the glitter polish.

6) Use your black nail art pen and draw on a palm tree silhouette.

7) Finish your design with a clear topcoat.

 I used this design on my big toes and painted my other toe nails with the coral polish and glitter top coat. I hope you liked my nail art and let me know if you're going to try it out!

Lauren Loves : Having sparkly toes.


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