Sunday, 8 July 2012

GlossyBox June 2012 'Summer Beauty' Box

 Another month, another GlossyBox. June's box seemed pretty average when it arrived and didn't have the 'wow' factor that previous boxed have had, but the contents are more useful than impressive.

 I received a Dermalogica kit containing a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. I already have some of their skin care products and they seem to work fine I just wasn't too excited about this product. I prefer another cleanser and have quite a lot of it left so I don't know when I'll get around to using these products!

 I also had a Vichy Dermablend Starter Kit with 6 shades of foundation. None of the shades look pale enough to use on my skin tone but I might try the palest out with some of my other makeup later just to use it up if I need a heavier foundation.

 The GlossyBox Pro Beauty Brush is made out of goat hair for a supersoft application and I use it with my favourite bronzer. 

 The BM Beauty bronzer is really messy and hard to use without getting it everywhere, as it's a loose pigment bronzer it also has a tendency to appear too strong when you apply it. 

 My sample of Yves Rocher France's Mini Mascara- Sexy Pulp claims to give a 'lash plumping result'. Although the mascara gave no volume to my lashes it did give a unique fine and feathery finish and I'm going to use this mascara when I want a more subtle look as it's great for lengthening your lashes.

Overall, the products in this box will be useful but unfortunately they weren't anything special this time! This box certainly made me more inclined to cancel my subscription as I've had enough cleanser samples now.

Lauren Loves : The GlossyBox bronzer brush, much easier to use than my old one.


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