Monday, 9 July 2012

What I got for my 21st birthday & haul

 As promised here are a few of the main presents I received for my 21st birthday, there are also things I got with my birthday money and some items I bought in general.

 So I don't have a photo of my birthday cake to share with you (which had candles with multi-coloured flames!) but here is a random item I bought recently. I love the sweet vanilla scent of this Yankee candle and it's just so relaxing and instantly makes me happy.

 My collection of rings were spilling everywhere so I bought myself this ultra cool zodiac/ palmistry hand ring holder and I also got an owl print trinket dish to hold my most worn earrings- both were from Urban Outfitters US online store. For my birthday I also had a Pandora bracelet which you can see closer here:

 From left to right: 1) My stack of books charm with the owl on the cover was a gift for graduating university. 2) The heart-shaped lock with dangling key was a present from my boyfriend for our 4 year anniversary. 3) The butterfly charm was a 21st birthday present. 4) The Gemini cameo was a 21st birthday present (yes I'm a Gemini). 5) I adore all things related to owls and this was a 21st birthday present. 6) I bought a Canon 600d camera with my birthday money and this camera charm so it would remind me of my 21st.

I'd wanted a studded bag for a while so I got this one with mixed studs from the US Urban Outfitters online store and the matching purse from Topshop.

 I got an Iphone 4 for my birthday and after a bit of searching for the perfect case I found this cute little sketched owl case on!

 These are my most recent beauty purchases. I wear the Garnier BB Cream over moisturiser for extra hydration and blend with my fingers, it smells lovely and acts as a good primer. I then use my new foundation brush (the black one) and then the (orange) Barry M one which I got in Superdrug to apply foundation as the BB Cream doesn't give you very good coverage. 

 Soap and Glory's Extreme Plump lip gloss sure does work! The first time I used it my lips stayed plumper for hours afterwards but now it has a less noticeable effect after it initially tingles. I'd still use this on it's own or over another lip product for fuller lips as it works really well.

 I got this Umberto Giannini gloss mist to obviously add gloss to my hair which it doesn't really do but it does smell really nice and it makes my hair softer so it's still lovely to use. 

I got the Benefit Porefessional and Badgal Lash Mascara with Glamour magazine and while I'm still not too sure how to use the pore minimiser to its full effect the mascara is great for a quick application.

 The Beauty UK eye shadow palette was needed for costume makeup as I was going to some themed parties and I wanted bright colours. Although you have to apply the shadow heavily it really isn't bad for the price which I think was just under £4:

I also caved in to the pressure and finally bought an orange lipstick and a Revlon Lip Butter in one go! It isn't too harsh once you apply it and although it is hydrating I still wear the lip butter over lip balm:

 For my birthday I wore this triangular owl print blouse from ASOS:

 I also got a black crop top from ASOS and a soft t-shirt from Topshop:

 Hopefully you've enjoyed a look at what I've been buying and maybe have some ideas about what to get someone for their birthday if you need any! 


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