Monday, 20 August 2012

GlossyBox August 2012 'International Superstars' Box

August's GlossyBox is filled with products from around the world. I thought this would be a great chance to try some things that I wouldn't come across usually here in the UK!

 The UK added Lipcote, a well-known product that seals lipstick and prevents it from fading and smudging as you party the night away. You may think that it looks like nail polish and I have to say that when you apply Lipcote it smells like nail polish, the scent stung my nose anyway! It also caused a burning sensation when I used it which I was expecting as it does tell you but is was very unpleasant and I'm used to strong lip plumpers. I tried it twice and my lipstick came straight off; on the third try I had to seriously blot the lipstick off my lips and keep my mouth open for 3 minutes while it dried. It did keep my lipstick on but left a horribly bitter taste on my lips when I tried to get it off later. I would not recommend Lipcote at all. 

 As an extra 6th product GlossyBox gave me a lipstick in the shade Glossy Pink. The texture was very creamy and the colour was a lot brighter once I applied it. I prefer more moisturising lipsticks but I loved the cute packaging with the GlossyBox seal on the lid.

Here's the lipstick in more detail:

 Germany's product a Pro White nail polish by Alessandro sounds useful and I can't wait to try this out when nail polish in bright hues such as orange leaves my nails in need of some brightening.

 I've been intrigued by Broadway Nails' imPress Press-on Manicure from the USA; can a stick on nail be the solution to those last-minute panics before a party? I had bad memories of those free packs of nails I got in magazines when I was younger that were far too big and would not stick, and I fear these are not much better. I loved the cute nail polish bottle container but I was disappointed with the disgusting, vivid purple shade of the nails (it looks worse in reality) and it just does not suit me. The colour may suit somebody else but maybe GlossyBox could have sent everyone a neutral pack or at least a classic shade. I'll be sticking with my nail polish.

 Spain's Vera Valenti eyeshadow palette looked really cheap and came in a plastic container that ruined my nails when I eventually prised it open. Including a mirror is a great idea but when it's so small it becomes a waste of space! The bottom left khaki green is wearable and great for the military trend at the moment and the neutral colours will always be wearable, it's a shame the shades aren't very pigmented as I think you'd have to use a lot of product to really see the colour.

 Japan's DHC Deep Cleansing Oil that removes makeup sounds good as I have dry skin but I already have a favourite cleanser! I might leave it at my boyfriend's house so I can remove my makeup if I forget my usual cleanser as I don't think I'll be using it much.

 I enjoy having a box of mystery products every month and sometime there's a really good box but at over £12 a month I don't think it's worth it. I'm getting lots of products that I don't use or like and I can't afford to do that so I'll be saying goodbye to my GlossyBoxes soon; hopefully I'll get some awesome products in the next few boxes before I unsubscribe!


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